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The Attack in Goodgame Empire & Empire four Kingdoms

THE ATTACK IN GOODGAME EMPIRE & EMPIRE FOUR KINGDOMSAnyone who is on the warpath in Goodgame Empire und Empire Four Kingdoms should take note of a few things in making their attack.

To attack a robber baron's castle or the castle of another player, you click on the enemy castle's icon on the world map and select attack from the ring menu.

Your opponent’s castle of is made up of a front and two sides (flanks). Choose one or more sections of a castle wall to attack and then confront it with troops and siege weapons. At a higher level you can divide them to multiple attack waves.

Having a look inside the enemy castle and carrying out some spying in advance are very helpful for assessing the enemy's strength.


The time taken by an army to travel from its origin to its target depends on its size and the distance it has to travel. When armies march across the map of world to a castle, they are recognized by the lord of the castle when they are in sight.

When you have a defeated enemy castle, your victorious troops will begin to loot the enemy camp's resources. Each of your units has its own loot value, depending on how much it can carry.

However, the keep has a secure storage for some resources that are protected from enemy looting.

When you defeat your opponent in a battle, you gain credit and rise in the ranking list.

The amount of damage to buildings in a looted castle depends on the number of attackers. This reduces public order in this castle.