Long live your kingdom

Gold coins and Rubies in Goodgame empire & empire four kingdoms

In order to pay your soldiers and operate various investments in Goodgame Empire and Empire Four Kingdoms you will need gold and rubies. In order to prevent a shortage of gold you have to collect taxes regularly. This depends on how active you are. If you play actively and come online regularly you will be able to set your tax collector loose on a regular basis. Remember if you log into Goodgame Empire every day you will receive free rubies twice a week.

Another way to get to gold and rubies is to make regular attacks on the castles of the robber barons. It is important to carry out some espionage beforehand in order to launch a successful attack.

Then there's the mysterious character. The mysterious character has tasks for you, which, if completed, are rewarded with 100 rubies and 5,000 gold coins. However, the tasks are dangerous and only be achieved with a lot of experience and luck.

Also, if you are short of gold you can exchange rubies for gold with the travelling merchant. He always lets you visit him, so you always have the chance to exchange.

The biggest opportunities for obtaining gold, are participating in events such as tournaments or robber baron king as there are always increasing amounts of gold to win.