Long live your kingdom

Defending your Castle in Goodgame Empire & Empire four Kingdoms

DEFENDING YOUR CASTLE IN GOODGAME EMPIRE & EMPIRE FOUR KINGDOMSSooner or later, a robber baron or even another player in Goodgame Empire and Empire Four Kingdoms will come and attack you. In order to defend your castle you click on one of your towers or on the Military button to enter the Defense menu, because you need good soldiers and, particularly, good defensive tools on your castle walls to prepare it for defense.

You can use the slider to arrange your military units on the three sections of the castle walls. You can also determine the relationship between the melee defenders and range defenders on each castle wall section.

Your military units can gain an additional defense bonus, depending on the construction stage of the walls and the gate of your castle. You can increase this even further through the placement of defensive tools.

The number and construction level of your castle's towers determines how many military units can stand on the castle wall and benefit from the defense bonus.

It is also not a bad idea to invest any resource surplus in defensive tools.


The time taken by an enemy army to travel from its origin to its target depends on the distance on the map of the world you are in and the speed at which the army can travel.

If the opposing army is very close to your castle on the map of the world the arrow is red. From this point on you can see the precise arrangement of the units and siege tools and set up your defenses accordingly.

If you are able to repel an attack from another player you gain a credit. However, if a player defeats you in battle you lose your credit and move down in the overall ranking.