Long live your kingdom

Castle Bailiff, Gernerals and Spies in Goodgame Empire & Empire four Kingdom


The castle bailiff is virtually the head of your defense in Goodgame Empire and Empire Four Kingdoms. Each castle and each outpost has its own castle bailiff and can of course be equipped with defenses.  


You need a general to lead your soldiers into battle. You get your first three generals when you have finished the construction of an "encampment". You get another three generals with the completion of each further construction phase up to a total of nine generals.


These are used in Goodgame Empire and Empire Four Kingdoms for 3 things: military espionage, economic espionage and sabotage.

  • Military espionage is used to spy out the soldiers and weapons in a particular castle.
  • Economic espionage is used to find out what stocks are in the castle.
  • In sabotage your spies try to set fire to up to 5 buildings in the castle they are sabotaging. This is done to reduce public order and production.

To get spies, taverns must be built. You get 15 spies when you have built 3 taverns to level three. You can have up to 20 spies.