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Alliances in Goodgame Empire & Empire four Kingdoms

ALLIANCES IN GOODGAME EMPIRE & EMPIRE FOUR KINGDOMSIn Goodgame Empire you can play alone as a single player, but it is more fun and more advantageous for you if you make an alliance with friends and neighbors.

An alliance brings benefits to all its members and will help you progress more quickly. In addition, it's fun to exchange ideas and get to know new players.

In Goodgame Empire you join up with other players Ito form an alliance. This means you can give just the right amount of support to each other in attacks, so choose an alliance with players whose castles are nearby and can quickly come to your aid, rather than with players and friends who are far away from you on the map.

Write us and let us know about your alliance, whether you are playing Goodgame Empire or Empire Four Kingdoms.