Long live your kingdom

Goodgame Empire

Who hasn't dreamed of being a ruler of a castle? Rule over a medieval town and train your soldiers. Use them to conquer new cities and expand your territory. To become the ruler of the kingdom, you will need to plan and implement strategies either on your own or with allies. Experience a time that you only know of from hearsay.

You can get that experience from the online strategy game “Goodgame Empire". Playing the part of lord of the castle of Burgfried, you have to work out the best tactics to conquer the entire kingdom. Goodgame Empire is a game that mixes strategy with town building. In addition to developing military tactics for the conquest of new lands, you must also create an effective economic system for your territory.

The first step is to create your town. Ensure the supply of resources and build new buildings. To ensure permanent access to additional resources you will need to extend the quarry and expand the sawmill to process the materials. By accomplishing quests or tasks you will receive rewards that will help you to expand your city. To be able to expand your city, you will have to produce raw materials, build a city wall and train soldiers. Increasing the awareness of your city will attract more residents to your territory. Levy taxes and use them to drive the expansion of your city.  

Decide for yourself what your first goals should be. Whether it is the development of your economic system or the planning of your military tactics. The accomplishment of tasks in Goodgame Empire helps you to get gold for your treasury.

In Goodgame Empire you can use your powerful armies to defend your fortress and territory and to attack others. Starting out with a wooden fort you can build a stone castle, conquer new lands and expand your kingdom. You can make alliances with other players or choose to conquer other territories on your own. 

Fight with other players, or fight against other players. Goodgame Empire allows several players to form an alliance with each other and to play with joint strategies. Closed alliances help you to gain territory and resources more quickly, providing you with a market for trading your goods. This creates a common economic system between the players.