Long live your kingdom

Empire Four Kingdoms

Prove your skill as a master of your own castle and ensure that everything runs smoothly in your empire. From the construction of a castle through to a thriving economy- everything is in your hands.

In addition to the online game Goodgame Empire by Goodgame Studios you can also put your strategic skills to the test in Empire Four Kingdoms. This free game for mobiles can be played on your iPad or iPhone. In Empire Four Kingdoms, you first build a castle so that enemy troops cannot break in quickly. After that, you have to get enough resources together to get the economy going. But that alone is not sufficient in Goodgame Empire: Four Kingdoms. If you want to be one the most powerful lords in the empire, you need powerful military units. Only then can you look around for enemy castles that are worth attacking. Once you have assembled a mighty army there is nothing to prevent you from making your first attack on enemy troops. Using all your skills, you can fight your way from fortress to fortress, conquering them one after the other. There are a lot of different siege weapons to help you to achieve this in Goodgame Empire: Four Kingdoms, which you should not ignore.

As the name Mobile Games suggests, you can find different games in Four Kingdoms and you can explore all of them. During your journey you will experience a number of adventures until you soon become one of the glorious and wealthy lords in Goodgame Empire: Four Kingdoms. To achieve this, it is worth making alliances with other players or joining an existing alliance. Only when you have powerful friends on your side, who will support you even in combat, will you be in a position to attack a particularly strong opponent, who you can defeat only with your allies. In addition, in this strategy game for smartphones there are regular Events where you can put your skills to the test. 

Once you have downloaded and installed the free mobile game, you will also need an internet connection to play it.